According to the most recent figures, the global logistics industry is enjoying exponential growth. By 2023, this will translate into a market value of $15.5 trillion, with this figure set to rise incrementally over the course of the next decade.

The logistics sector includes a number of moving parts, of course, including LTL cross-border transportation. This involves the shipment of multiple, smaller loads on a single truck, in order to optimize efficiency and enable businesses to save considerable sums of money.

The key for business-owners, of course, is identifying the circumstances in which businesses should pursue this freight method and others in which FTL cross-border transportation may be more suitable. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind.

1. The Size of Your Load

This may sound obvious, but the precise size of a load should always be your primary consideration when determining whether or not LTL freight is right for you.

If your load does not require a full truckload and weighs less than 150 lbs, for example, you may be able to ship your goods through selected couriers. If it weighs more than 150 lbs but does not require FTL transportation, however, then LTL remains the ideal options to ship your products from one location to another.

This will not only optimize the efficiency of your delivery methodology, but it will also help your business to save money as it will only be required to pay for the weight of their freight and the space that it uses on the trailer.

For relatively small loads that weigh in excess of 150 lbs., this is also the most economical delivery option as it requires far less handling than multiple packages of an equivalent weight.

2. Your Businesses Commitment to Sustainability

There’s no doubt about it; modern entrepreneurs are increasingly motivated to create sustainable brands with a minimal carbon footprint.

There is good reason for this too, with some studies suggesting that approximately one-third of customers now prefer to partner with brands that have a clear focus on sustainability and safeguarding the environment.

LTL Canada-U.S. Cross-border transport can help with this, as it optimizes the efficiency of loads and reduces the number of partially-filled trucks out on the open road. As a result of this, there are fewer trucks covering extended distances out on the open road, triggering fewer carbon emissions and contributing to a more positive natural environment.

So, if you’re striving to create and uphold a reputation for sustainability, investing in an LTL Canada-U.S. cross-border trucking company like York Trans can be worth its weight in gold.

3. The Scale of your Delivery Next Work and Your Commitment to Service

The current generation of consumers is arguably more demanding than ever before, particularly in terms of the quality and the convenience of the service that they receive from brands.

This, along with the sheer scale of your delivery network, is also a key consideration for business-owners, who must select a freight option that enables to meet the needs of their consumer base.

If you want to create a large number of shipments that are easy to track, for example, LTL transportation remains an exceptionally effective option. This is because most established carriers provide real-time tracking and in-transit shipment updates to their clients, with information relating to pick-ups, stop-offs, and delays readily available at all times.

This is important, as LTL freight is typically required to make a larger number of stops than FTL alternatives. It’s also extremely beneficial to large, contemporary businesses who want to provide an outstanding quality of service to their customers.

Is LTL Cross-border Transport Right for You – Let York Transportation Help You Decide

So there you have it; three of the key considerations that can help you to determine whether or not LTL cross-border transport is right for your business.

At York Trans, we’re and FTL and LTL Canada-U.S. cross-border trucking company with years of logistics experience, putting us in the ideal place to lend assistance to your business.

So, if you’d like to learn more and speak to one of the team, contact us today and we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs.

  • LTL cross-border transport offer variable benefits to businesses.
  • Understanding these can help to determine when it’s right to utilize this methodology.
  • At York Trans, we combine FTL with LTL freight to ensure that your firm has the best possible chance of success.