Climate control is a staple of many businesses but is especially necessary for warehousing. From frigid winters to sweltering summers, every product that a company must store from food to medicine to machinery can only last in a small range of temperatures.
That’s where a temperature-controlled warehouse storage company can do its work. The most effective services know how to manage their climate control cheaply yet efficiently. These are 5 major rules the best warehouses follow when it comes to in-house temperature.

Policy of Closing Doors | Temperature Controlled Storage

Your parents probably told you as a child to close the front door behind you and keep the AC in. Likewise, the best warehousing solution might use automatic doors that close after a set amount of time, saving costs on heating or cooling bills.

Maintaining the HVAC Unit | Ambient Controlled Storage

It’s almost a given for temperature-controlled warehouse storage companies to have heating and air conditioning units located on the roof. Every so often, have the unit inspected and repaired by a professional service for any damages. Exposure to the elements and buildup of debris and pollutants can lower the potency of an HVAC system.
Even when the system is working fine, it’s important to have central control over its functions. Install programmable thermostats so the HVAC can adjust itself based on needs and outdoor climate.

Preventing Drafts | Temperature and Ambient Controlled Storage

From doors to windows to roofs, drafts can show up anywhere as the building ages. If you feel exposure in any part of the warehouse, apply some weather-resistant sealing to the offending window or other openings. Ensure all insulation is properly installed and in working order.
Remember that most energy loss in warehousing occurs at the loading dock doors. Vinyl strip curtains are designed to reduce the escape of cooled air at the loading dock.

Promoting Airflow | Temperature and Ambient Controlled Storage

Airflow, however, is sometimes desired and can matter just as much as the air conditioning. Organize the layout of the warehouse from its stacks of pallets to its equipment storage to promote the most airflow. That is, ensure no vents are obstructed and use shelves that allow air to pass through easily.
Also, consider using large industrial fans to supplement the HVAC system. Since hot air tends to rise to the top of the warehouse, ceiling fans help immensely in recirculating air and reducing energy expenditure.

Controlling Humidity | Temperature and Ambient Controlled Storage

Water has a high capacity for heat absorption, so a high humidity makes it feel hotter than the thermostat will tell you. Using dehumidifiers throughout the facility can have a cooling effect and raise the efficiency of other air conditioning units.

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• The warehousing industry relies greatly on climate and temperature control, especially for perishable goods like foods and medicine.
• Common habits of good warehouses include maintaining the HVAC system, controlling humidity, promoting airflow, closing unused doors, and fixing drafts.
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