There are many reasons why small business owners might be interested in employing a third-party long-term warehouse storage company. Perhaps they want to keep corporate equipment stored safely and inexpensively or just need the inventory transferred elsewhere while building repairs are underway.
Whatever the case, there comes a time to decide on what storage company is the best for your use case. Especially in big cities in Canada and the U.S. where office space is at a premium, cost and quality are both equally important.
Let’s discuss some tips on choosing the best short or long term warehouse storage company servicing in Canada and the U.S. East Coast.

Physical Security

Anything worth storing is worth stealing. As a business owner, expect to have expensive inventory items and confidential business files in storage. Your storage company should definitely have on-site staff and a 24-hour video surveillance system installed as well as sufficient outdoor nighttime lighting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Theft isn’t the only consideration. Moisture, high or low temperatures, and pests can damage your belongings without your noticing. Metal equipment, for instance, rusts faster in humid environments. Try to find a long-term ambient or temperature-controlled warehouse storage company with clean facilities and safeguards against the weather and bugs.


No matter how many precautions you take, there’s always a chance of losing your storage in a rare but possible natural disaster or theft. Reputable storage facilities will offer insurance policies for peace of mind. Look over the policy and check its limitations before diving in.

Customer Service

A good warehouse storage company has staff receptive to customer questions and feedback. In case you need assistance later down the line, ensure your company of choice has trustworthy employees ready to respond to you when you need them. On that note, convenient opening hours are a must-have.
On top of that, you might need assistance shipping your products to and from the storage facility. Some warehouse solutions offer that benefit.
Finally, be mindful of the payment options the company accepts. Different facilities have different rental rates and payment intervals. Also, ask if a security deposit is necessary beforehand.


And obviously, choose a long-term warehouse storage company within a reasonable distance of your home or your business’s headquarters. In case you need to make a quick pick-up or drop off, shortening the travel time to your storage unit is ideal.

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• Long-term warehouse storage is heavily sought-after by small business owners looking to offload some archival files, large equipment, and other business paraphernalia cheaply. Given how large the market for long-term corporate storage is, knowing what to look for in a facility is highly recommended before making a decision.
• High security, constant maintenance, insurance options, customer service, and temperature control are common elements of a solid storage service. Also, having a location near your business is another important consideration.
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