Like all industries, the logistics sector is seeing new trends thanks to improvements in technology, stronger competition, new business strategies, and rising consumer demands. These changes will mean more opportunities for the logistics field but also a few risks.
If you’re part of a Canada-U.S. logistics company servicing Canada and the U.S. east coast, it’s worth keeping up with new trends in the logistics sector.

Improvements in Technology | Canada-U.S. Logistics & Shipping

New technological developments from automation to data monitoring will result in a growing demand for more efficient services at a reduced cost. Logistics relies greatly on access to large pools of data, and machine learning and artificial intelligence are ready to boost the efficiency of data analytics. Cloud technology also enables more flexible business models.
What does this mean for Canada-U.S. logistics companies? Companies like these will have to stay up to date or risk becoming obsolete, and industry statistics have indicated organizations are having trouble fully taking advantage of new developments.

Stronger Competition | Canada-U.S. Logistics & Shipping

The industry is facing a wave of new competitors and logistics operations every year, led largely by start-ups. Last-mile delivery is a popular entry point. Car sharing service Uber, for instance, has started van and express services for retailers in certain regions.

New Business Strategies | Canada-U.S. Logistics & Shipping

Thanks to new competition, collaboration is becoming a unifying theme in the logistics sector. Services commonly hand off certain tasks to third parties, and formal partnerships amongst companies are becoming more common.
Amazon famously has begun deploying the services of transportation and shipping firms to enable faster and more transparent shipping services. Car companies, too, are collaborating with technology firms like Nvidia and Bose to provide self-driving technology and noise-canceling features in new models.
However, these new business strategies are being hampered by inconsistencies in digital systems, so work is being done to standardize logistics operations. If you work for a Canada-U.S. logistics company servicing Canada and the U.S. east coast, make it a priority to focus on new trends in logistics.

Rising Consumer Demands | Canada-U.S. Logistics & Shipping

Evolution breeds higher consumer standards. Customers and business clients are wanting their goods faster and at little to no delivery cost. Logistics firms are looking to expand into more flexible service and more customized manufacturing.
Customization implies that products will be geared directly towards the end customer. As a result, logistics organizations will be relying on “smart” warehousing and better data analytics when it comes to shipping.
Finally, online shoppers put a large emphasis on free shipping but simultaneously are “shipper-agnostic.” That is, they don’t care who does the shipping as long as the product arrives on time and in good condition.

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• The sector of logistics is facing new changes that will enable better quality services for shipping companies and the firms they support.
• The four major trends include evolving technologies, more competitors, new business strategies, and higher standards of service.
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