Given that the global logistics industry is expected to be worth around $15.5 trillion by the year 2023, it’s fair to surmise that this represents one of the world’s true growth markets.

At the heart of this growth is technology, which continues to evolve the industry and the way in which products are manufactured, shipped and delivered to customers.

As a Canada-U.S. shipping company servicing Canada and the U.S. east coast, we like to think that we’re at the cutting-edge of these trends. So, let’s take a look and explore these in closer detail.

1. The Emergence of Bluetooth and GPS Technology

Now one of the most established technologies within the logistics sector, Bluetooth has played a pivotal role in increasing accountability while also improving the efficiency of quality control procedures.

This technology, when utilized alongside GPS-based fleet management systems, underpins contemporary tracking systems that relay live data between distributors and directly to consumers. However, such technology is constantly being improved and developed, primarily to enhance the quality of communication between brands and customers alike.

More specifically, modern tracking systems can not only provide real-time information relating to the precise location of shipments, but they may also be used to offer an insight into the condition of individual packages.

Similarly, modern GPS-software enables systems to share geofence alerts, which let couriers know when one of their drivers is delayed or veers off route. This allows planning teams to alter routes in real-time, while optimizing fuel efficiency and the speed of the delivery.

2. Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT)

While the Internet of Things (IoT) may not be a brand new concept, it’s one that has had a seismic impact on the global logistics sector.

By enabling connected devices to blur the boundaries of the virtual and corporeal worlds, the IoT makes it possible to control physical products and processes from a remote location. Perhaps the best example of this in the current climate is smart technology, which allows home-owners to connect and control their installed heating systems through a single, mobile app.

This technology is based on the use of advanced and intuitive sensors, which are capable of capturing variable (and not to mention large) data sets and sharing this information with key stakeholders.

It should come as little surprise that this technology is having a significant impact on the supply chain, with the IoT influencing everything from the production and the packaging of goods to their eventual shipment.

In fact, one of the latest innovations exists in the form of RFID tags, which can be attached to products that are due to be shipped and have been designed to relay diverse swathes of live data relating to delivery.

3. The Introduction of the Blockchain

While servicing Canada and the U.S. east coast over a number of years, we’ve seen a number of new and cutting-edge technology have a significant influence on the marketplace. The latest to impact on the industry is blockchain technology, with this decentralized ledger technology best known as the driver of market-leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Make no mistake; the blockchain boasts an incredible range of potential applications, with logistics one of the most relevant. In fact, it’s already been integrated into various aspects of the supply chain, while it has the potential to impact on everything from completing payments and audits to tracking inventory wherever it is in the world.

The main advantage of the blockchain is its innate transparency and decentralized nature, as this means that every single business transaction can be securely logged and tracked without the risk of data being manipulated.

As a result, both brands and couriers and detail every stage of the supply chain with complete accuracy, creating a permanent history for each product and encouraging a greater degree of accountability among stakeholders.

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At York Transportation, we’ve been servicing Canada and the U.S. for years now, and have an innate understanding of our customer’s needs and the technology required to help us fulfill them.

Despite this, we’re always searching for new technologies and innovations that can help to drive greater efficiency within the supply chain, and ultimately deliver an improved customer experience.

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