When a business is trying to save on mass shipping, it typically opts for LTL trucking, where the cost of a truckload is split amongst several companies. Other businesses that require additional speed and special accommodations will pay more for the FTL transportation option.

It’s these companies that may be wondering where exactly their freight quote comes from. What services are the shippers providing that justifies the higher cost of FTL cross-border transportation?

Many factors contribute to the total cost of an FTL shipment, hence why prices tend to change quickly. Let’s dig into what exactly your business is paying for.


Since FTL involves an entire truck’s worth of cargo, the calculation for the cost per mile is fairly straightforward, with the weight of the freight combined with the distance travelled being the biggest determining factor.

Distance costs can also change based on fuel efficiency and driver time. However, even the same mileage can result in different prices. Let’s look at some other factors to find out why.

Trucking Availability

Market circumstances greatly dictate the price of FTL cross-border transportation. Certain seasonal produce, for example, have a higher selling demand during some months of the year, resulting in more demand for trucking. Sometimes holidays result in higher transportation charges.

In extreme cases, natural disasters like major storms force trucking companies to discontinue some routes. The resulting lost lanes can incur large premiums for shipments.


Shipments with loose deadlines tend to cost less since the trucking company has some leeway when routing the order into its schedule. If your shipment has a tight deadline or is scheduled during unorthodox times such as early mornings or late evenings, expect a higher price to make up for these special accommodations.

One way to lower the cost over time is to set up a recurring shipment with the same carrier. Having consistent orders allows the FTL trucking company to fit you into their schedule, resulting in cheaper service compared to a one-time order.

Special Accommodations

Got glass or other fragile materials to transport? If so, communicate your needs up front. You could score a worthwhile deal.

Also, if your shipment needs special attention for any reason, remember that high maintenance results in more expensive shipping. Glasses of wine expectedly cost more to ship than leather jackets.

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Shipping and logistics are complex considerations business owners have to deal with. In order to get the best price, one has to consider multiple factors along with different freight rates and market circumstances.

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  • Determining FTL shipping costs involves more factors than simply distance and weight. Market forces, availability, schedule flexibility, and special accommodations all greatly impact the price an FTL trucking company will suggest to you.
  • Providing your shipment company with as much information as possible up-front is crucial to reducing your freight rate.
  • Contact York Trans for a reliable, inexpensive, and convenient solution to your FTL Canada-U.S. cross-border transportation needs.