Many packages can be delivered as simply as dropping it off to a depot, paying for the shipping requirement, and then tracking the package over its route. However, some businesses will have packages that require temperature controlled and ambient warehouse storage beforehand.

York Trans is a logistics and storage company with its head office in in Mississauga, Ontario. We service Canada and the U.S. east coast and in order to ensure the integrity of our customer’s delivery needs, packages and shipments can be stored beforehand in our 350,000 sq. ft. of ambient controlled warehouse space. If temperature is important, we also have a 50,000 sq. ft. temperature controlled warehouse, registered at 10-13º C.

Food Grade/Fragile Products Are Being Shipped across Canada and the U.S. East Coast

Many products may be fine in being delivered and shipped normally. However, when the integrity of a product is important, when a shipping delivery must arrive at its destination in a specific format, then an ambient and/or temperature controlled warehouse storage should be considered.
Examples of products that may require extra special attention from the freight delivery company include:

  • Food Grade Products
  • Computer Components
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Paintings And Artwork
  • Plants and other Living Tissues
  • Gifted Candles
  • Film Reels (especially older, more flammable ones)
  • Cologne and Cosmetics.

Good freight delivery companies will always ask for the nature of the shipment being delivered, so as to provide a more tailored experience should any of the above list be packaged for a route.

Immediate Warehouse-to-Delivery Re-Routing Expectations for Ambient and/or Temperature Controlled Warehouse Storage

When packages and shipments are identified as requiring specialized care and handling, they’ll be re-routed in advance to a temperature controlled warehouse. For products that require even more packaging restrictions (such as not being placed in the light if dealing with flammable products), a computerized inventory control system can help ensure that all staff in a freight shipping company have access to the important information so that nothing is accidentally damaged.

And when products need to be loaded efficiently onto trucks to be shipped, they’ll be handled with the care required from drivers who are aware of the specifics of ensuring package integrity. If a company needs more space to store their shipments (either in the long term or the short term), then that request as well will be easily guaranteed due to up-to-date support systems being aware of any chanced needing to be made.

York Trans Warehouse Storage | Customer Web Access and Computerized Inventory Support

Indeed, customers can also access our web system to ensure their product is being handled with extreme care. They’ll have access to chat, email, phone support, and will be able to track their shipments from the moment the package leaves the warehouse to the second it arrives at their destination.

If more or less space is needed, a request can be sent in, and business requirements can be altered to ensure that shipping deployments have either month-to-month unit charges, or square footage agreements along the ambient warehouse’s slotted cubicles.

York Trans – Temperature Controlled Warehouse Storage | Canada and the U.S. East Coast

Not every package is the same and not every package will require the same type of shipping and handling care. For packages that need pre-shipping warehouse service, either due to the delayed business transport deadlines or because of package fragility, York Trans allows businesses to choose more specialized packaging and shipping requests.

For more information regarding transporting goods over the border, please visit our website today.

  • Store food-grade/fragile items from spoilage or unnecessary damage using our temperature controlled warehouse storage options.
  • Ensure automatic customer updates for emergency business needs
  • We allow customers to choose if they need more or less warehouse storage space based on their needs.