For customers delivery costs are important, especially when many packages are being shipped at once, over a long distance. A good “rule of thumb” is that for any shipments over 100 lbs., care should be taken to consider deals where the cost is deferred by the company itself. At York Trans, we offer both LTL and FTL cross-border transportation shipping methods.

Customers can save their money if their package is shipped according to delivery mode standards.

When Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping Is Better for Your Cross-Border Delivery Needs

For LTL Canada-US cross-border transport, customer shipments are combined alongside others’ packages in the same driving pool, meaning that as a collective all packages are made of different client’s packages, yet are being shipped to the same depot in the same timeframe. This is a method best reserved for shipment packages needing to be delivered to any of our depots alongside Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and more.

This is the best delivery option for clients with average requests and stable requirements, or for small businesses with sporadic delivery needs, and for whom their packages do not require specialized han-dling and instructions in order to be stored and transported.

To achieve this shipment method, more focus is also spent on actually delivering the package over shorter distances, rather than being concerned with the time it takes to ship the package. Pre-set delivery schedules and price will only be concerned regarding the space on the truck allotted, and the distance covered.

A common fear from LTL methods is that packages may be lost or accidentally delivered to other busi-nesses if the goods overall are being re-packaged in many different configurations along the way.

Keep in mind, most LTL Canada-US. cross-border trucking companies will do their best to organize each load to minimize potential risk.

When Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping Is Better for Your Cross-Border Delivery Needs

For customers wanting to opt for FTL shipping, consideration should be taken as to whether they want to “rent” out a whole truck for delivery purposes, or don’t have a truckload’s worth of goods, but need a dedicated truck and schedule to ensure their business goals are met accordingly.

If time is important, or if packages require special instructions to be transported and secured in special containment procedures, or if one business needs to ship a lot of goods in a small timeframe, then FTL is worth the (extra) price to ensure that overall, the cost is kept beneficial for the customer.

While FTL costs more on average than LTL (since an entire truck is being bought out), packages arrive faster due to the lack of a “dedicated” schedule. Shipped goods will arrive at their destination faster, and arrive solely for the needs of the business or customer requesting the shipping option.

Unlike LTL, as well, shipped goods via the FTL methods means that all packages will stay on the same truck, and usually have the same driver. This ensures consistency among delivery schedules, and since nothing is leaving the truck until the goods are delivered, makes it more unlikely that anything will be lost along the way.

York Trans – Your Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Transport Company

Here at York Trans, your dedicated LTL and FTL cross-border trucking company, we’ve been helping our clients find affordable LTL and FTL shipments for many years. If you have any questions about the delivery process and how we can help you, feel free to contact us today.

  • LTL cross-border shipping options are great for smaller businesses looking to subsidize their delivery costs
  • FTL cross-border shipping options are designed for businesses that have enough goods to justify a full truck load.
  • We offer delivery options and routes throughout Canada and the United States.