Temperature controlled warehouse storage maintains the necessary temperatures for the products being stored. It offers incredible protection from drastic changes in temperature and intense temperature extremes. They are of particular use to those seeking long-term storage solutions. Often, such places range between fifty-five and eighty degrees but it really depends on the products themselves. These include:

Medicines and Pharmaceuticals

It’s important for medicines and pharmaceuticals to be properly stored at all times. Not all need to be frozen but some, like hormone injections and vials of insulated, must be refrigerated. If they are not kept out of the sun in a cool, dry place without moisture they could easily be rendered ineffective.
Well-maintained temperature controlled facilities are vital for hospitals refilling their medical supplies. If not properly stored, dozen, if not hundreds, of people could be left without necessary pharmaceuticals.

Leather Furniture

Extreme changes in temperature and humidity easily damage leather furniture. Whether you’re moving or simply need to put pieces in storage for a time, the only option is temperature controlled warehouse storage. Otherwise, you may as well buy an entirely new living-room set.


Temperature and humidity are both terrible enemies to electronics in storage. Certain television screens and their internal components can be harmed by extreme shifts in temperature while moisture can destroy audio equipment.
Just because your favorite electronics seem sealed doesn’t make it so. Moisture accumulates over time thanks to increased humidity, causing the same effects as if you spilled water directly on to your beloved laptop or stereo. Storing such items in a temperature controlled warehouse keeps stop you from replacing broken wires and rusted components.


When it comes to photo preservation, proper temperature control is key. Between sixty-five and seventy degrees is the optimal temperature for storing your precious memories. By being kept in a cool, dark, dry area, photos can last to one-hundred years. Even if you’re not hoping to pass on your snapshots to great-grandchildren, pieces of art also benefit from this type of storage.


Your appliances will develop rust internally if they are not stored in a temperature controlled storage facility when necessary. Refrigerators, ovens, and other home equipment can be rendered useless due to said rust damaging their mechanical pieces. If you have appliances you wish to keep during a move or simply need to store, this is the necessary way to go.


No matter the type of instrument, fluctuations in temperature harm them all. Brass and strings, percussion and woodwind, extreme heat, humidity, and cold can damage each equally. Temperature controlled warehouse storage gives you the peace of mind that your expensive piece of musical equipment will not be rendered irreparable because of a sudden shift in the weather.

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As you can see, temperature controlled warehouse storage is necessary to keep a number of items undamaged, dry, and free of moisture. When you need to store such things, use the best facility around: York Transportation and Warehousing Group.
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• Temperature controlled warehouse storage facilities are used to maintain a variety of items and equipment at their ideal temperatures.
• Photos, electronics, medicine, and instruments all benefit from the consistent, cool, dry environment such warehouses provide.
• When you need to store your temperature sensitive items, don’t hesitate to call us. York Transportation and Warehousing Group have all the room you could need.