There can be a lot to consider when choosing a warehouse storage company to partner with. How do you know what to look for? What is important to your business and products? Why should you go with one over another? Here are a few signs that you are on the right track to finding the right partner for you.

1. They Have All the Space You Need

Any warehouse storage company you partner with needs to provide enough space for your product. That is the bare minimum they need to offer, so if all they have is inadequate storage areas for your shipments than there is no reason to work with them. You would think this is never a problem, but when a warehouse cares more about your money than keeping your business running smoothly, issues arise.
Be sure to partner with a company that gives you the exact amount of square footage you can expect, provides ambient and temperature controlled warehouse space, and offers bulk and rack storage. The first step of caring for your products is making sure they remain undamaged. When they have the right amount of space, you reduce accidents that would end up costing you money.

2. They Understand Your Products

How well does your current company know your product? Are they aware of the dimensions of the boxes, the need for refrigeration, or that what you sell is fragile and should be handled carefully? Are your products simply sitting on a hard, concrete floor out of sight or are they actually being tracked and inventoried properly? A company that understands your product knows how to treat it.

3. Their Shipping is Optimized

If your items are sitting in storage when they should be shipped, you’re losing money. Additional wait times affect your bottom line, reduce customer satisfaction, and slow down other parts of the supply chain. Optimized shipping areas and quick transaction times are key to building your company’s reputation.
Heavy duty scales should be found in a warehouse storage facility. Weight is what will cost you when it comes to shipping fees. The warehouse should also have enough personnel to properly handle and package your products before they are sent out.

4. Their Fleet is Reliable

Understand where exactly the warehouse storage company distributes. One that only ships to the US when you need both Canada and US distribution is not going to be your best option. Also, transportation services are not useful if their trucks rarely deliver on time, don’t offer easy tracking, and lack availability.
Go with a warehouse that ships end-to-end, seamlessly. They will eliminate headaches, keep your customers happy, and should negotiate low rates when it comes to external freight services.

York Transportation and Warehousing Group in Mississauga, Ontario | Serving all of Canada and the U.S. East Coast

York Transportation and Warehousing Group is the exact warehouse storage company you need when it comes to storing your products. We understand your warehousing needs better than you do and we manage inventory with minimal to no loss. Our highly trained drivers and experienced personnel know what it means to treat your products accordingly.
With over forty years of experience, we know exactly how to meet your warehouse needs in Ontario, throughout Canada, and across the US. Our operation is so vast we can manage inventory and deployment logistics for our customers with ease. Whether you need short or long-term warehousing, there’s no one better to keep your stuff as fresh as the day you got it.
• The best warehouse storage company is one that meets a number of criteria.
• Do they care about your product and understand what you sell? They should. Not only that, they should have enough storage, optimized shipping, and great drivers for your needs.
• When you need to store your temperature sensitive items, don’t hesitate to call us. York Transportation and Warehousing Group have all the room you could need.