Managing logistics and supply chains don’t need to give you a headache. Whether you’re shipping products a few blocks away or across the country, there’s no reason it has to be needlessly complicated. By outsourcing to a third-party logistics company/provider (3PL) every issue you might run into on your own is taken care of.
Do you want to deal with transport, warehousing, and distribution? What about truckers and taxes? Licenses and regulations? Unexpected shipping costs?
You’re better served to outsource this in-depth process to the pros. But what should you look for before making such an important business decision?

Service and Pricing

No one wants to outsource to a company that is creating fires they need to douse instead of providing great service. Why bother with anyone else if they don’t offer consistently smooth freight management? They need to communicate openly and regularly, anticipate the needs of everyone in the supply chain, and solve problems without waiting for you to do it for them. No surprises, only results.

However, as great as the logistics company seems, pricing is still a huge factor when choosing the right partner. Just remember that the lowest priced option doesn’t mean it’s the best. You could end up paying more in the long run because of mistakes, lack of reliability, and miscommunication from a company that seemed affordable. Examine the overall value of the company you choose, not just their price point.

References and Relationships

Solid relationships between 3PLS and customers take time to build. They are not made overnight. Consistent, reliable service from a logistics company is going to keep clients happy and ready to work together on an on-going basis. When you have critical projects coming up you are not going to trust anyone to get the job done. You want to partner with someone whose strengths you’re well aware and who you know can handle the task immediately.

This is why references and referrals are so important when considering your logistics partner. When other businesses rave about the 3PL they work with you know they’re most likely the right partner for you. No one is going to recommend a company who never communicated, lost product, or messed up at a critical juncture during shipping. Reach out to companies similar to yours who can direct you to perfect partner for the job.

Expertise and Reliability

You need to know exactly what you need before choosing a logistics provider. The 3PL you partner with needs to be able to compliment your strengths and weaknesses. If you have shipping needs across Canada and the US, it might be best to work with someone focused on that instead of a company primarily take care of the East or West coast. Do your trucks need refrigeration or consistent temperature control? These are a couple of factors to think about as you look for a partner.

Above all else, your logistics company needs to be reliable. You’re paying them to keep issues in your supply chain to a minimum and get products where they need to be in a timely manner. If they’re not doing that, take your business somewhere else.

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York Trans has over forty years of experience exceeding the needs of our customers. We know exactly how to meet your warehouse needs in Ontario, throughout Canada, and across the US. Our operation is so vast we can manage inventory and deployment logistics with ease. Our full range of transportation and logistics services are driven by well-trained drivers who will see your products delivered safely, guaranteed.
• There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the right logistics company.
• Reliability, communication, expertise, and references are just some of the factors to consider.
• York Transportation & Warehousing Group provides expedited service to major centers across Canada and the US. Call us today.