There are many things to consider when it comes to preparing your products for cross-border transport. Shipping is an essential component of business that can be costly if you do not spend enough time sourcing a reputable LTL and FTL transport company.

When it comes to shipping, you can send your products by land, sea, and air. LTL and FTL land transport is almost always the most affordable, and here in North America, it is usually the best option available.

LTL and FTL are two popular methods for shipping your goods across the Canada-U.S. border by land. If your business is heavily reliant on having access to reputable shipping services, you may be interested in learning more about LTL and FTL transportation services.

What is LTL and FTL Transport?

LTL stands for “Less Than Truckload.” LTL shipping is a great option for smaller product manufacturers, dealers, shippers and distributors that do not require a full-size trailer to ship their goods. For reference, a full-trailer starts at 48 feet in length.

LTL shipping is best for companies that either do not have enough products being shipped to fill a trailer, or if the company has a limited budget. The reduced cost of LTL shipping, when compared to FTL shipping, makes LTL a great option for small businesses.

FTL stands for “Full Truckload.” FTL shipping is a common option for companies that prefer an exclusive trailer when they ship their products. Reasons for this include needing to ship many goods at once, or a company may want to pay for exclusivity to keep their products safe.

Companies that prefer FTL shipping usually do so in order to ensure that their goods are shipped as fast as possible. Delays because of other companies are unacceptable and FTL transport is a safer bet if you are trying to meet tight deadlines.

Why Do I Need Special Transport Arrangements for LTL and FTL Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Transport?

The shipping process is complex on its own. Adding a border into the mix makes this process even more challenging. Consider whether you need a customs broker. The best transportation companies will have representatives on both sides of the border to act as your broker/freight forwarder. Brokers and freight forwarders are essential if you want to ensure that your shipped goods will clear customs.

Companies with staff who are intimately knowledgeable about customs practices are worth what they cost. A slightly more expensive shipping process is better than having a shipment turned around at the border due to inexperience or other factors. Top level transportation companies have the resources, experience and expertise to guarantee a consistent cross- border service.

Which LTL and FTL Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Transport Company Is Best for Me?

The best transport services and shipping companies will provide a variety of targeted services for their rates. A quality service is worth the rate because you do not have to worry about your deliveries being mishandled.

Services like same-day delivery (if possible), a high standard of professionalism regarding their drivers and fleets, and a range of transportation and logistics services to choose from are a few of the factors that high-quality logistics and shipping companies provide.

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